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Worte und Wörter
Новости с WG2 meeting 52 
29th-Apr-2008 21:29, Tue
Resolutions of WG 2 meeting 52, Redmond, Washington, USA, 2008-04-21/25 [WG 2 N 3454]

RESOLUTION M52.17 (Tangut script): Unanimous
WG2 accepts to encode in the standard 5910 characters in code positions 17000 to 18715, in a new block 17000-1871F named Tangut, with their names and glyphs as shown in document N3297.

Документы WG2 по теме:

N3467 Comments on N3297: Proposal to encode Tangut characters in UCS Plane 1 and charts, China & US NB, 2008-04-22
N3448 Comments on N3297: Proposal to encode Tangut characters in UCS Plane 1 and Charts, UK - Andrew West, 2008-04-19
N3343 Expert feedback on Chinese NB input on WG2/N3297 Tangut Encoding Proposal, Richard Cook, 2007-09-17
N3338 Response to UC Berkeley’s proposals on Tangut, China NB, 2007-09-16
N3307 Tangut – Informational Background, Richard Cook, 2007-09-01
N3297 Proposal to encode Tangut characters in UCS Plane 1, Richard Cook, 2007-05-09
N3297A Multi-Column Chart (with embedded TrueType fonts), Richard Cook, 2007-07-23
N3297B Single Column Chart (with full Names List), Richard Cook, 2007-07-22

Другие ссылки по теме:

Tangut (Xīxià) Orthography and Unicode (西夏文和統一碼). Research notes toward a Unicode encoding of Tangut (by Richard Cook)

Proposed Draft Unicode Technical Report #43: A User’s Guide to the UniTangut Database (by Richard Cook)

Tangut UCS Encoding Documents (西夏文統一碼文件)

UniTangut Database Search

Tangut Script (Andrew West)
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